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As a writer and content creator, I’m always exploring new tools to boost my productivity. Lately, AI writing assistants have been revolutionizing my workflow. The best AI writers can churn out initial drafts incredibly fast, allowing me to spend my time polishing and customizing content instead of starting from scratch.

In this post, I’ll share my top 10 AI writer picks and how they can elevate your content creation process. Let’s dive in!

1. Jasper – The Leading AI Writing Assistant

Jasper has become my go-to AI writing tool. I’m continually amazed by the high-quality drafts it can generate on an incredibly wide range of topics in just seconds.

Its conversational interface makes prompting intuitive. I simply describe what I need, and Jasper delivers tailored content formatted in my requested style – whether blog posts, marketing copy, or anything else.

A huge advantage is Jasper’s ability to write just like a human. The natural language results need only light editing from me rather than complete reworking. This makes my content production faster and smoother.

While Jasper excels at long-form writing like blog posts, one of my favorite features is its ability to create equally great short-form copy for social media or native ads. Jasper’s versatility makes it a game-changing writing partner.

2. INK – Specializing in Long-Form Writing

INK stands out for its mastery of long-form content creation. While many AI tools max out around 1000 words, INK shines when I need a meaty 2000+ word piece of content.

Whether it’s a detailed guide, extensive listicle, or in-depth report, INK consistently delivers results capturing the nuances and complexity of long-form writing. Its web app makes managing projects a breeze.

Because INK was trained specifically on long-form styles, the tone and structure already follows best practices for engaging reads that keep users hooked from start to finish. Any writer regularly producing long-form work should try INK.

3. Shortly – Conversational AI on Steroids

If I had to name the most human-like AI writer today, it would be Shortly. The conversational experience mimics working with an actual writing partner versus just entering prompts.

I have full-blown discussions with Shortly where we brainstorm post ideas together. It asks thoughtful questions and provides smart suggestions – making my process more dynamic.

Shortly’s advanced interface almost tricks me into thinking I’m chatting with a human writer! But the fast response gives it away. Our productive back-and-forth results in compelling posts I could never produce so quickly solo.

This conversational approach brings creative spark ideal for drafting blog content, landing pages, marketing emails, and more. The humanity behind the AI is clear.

4. Rytr – Impressively Close to Human Writers

Rytr markets itself as an alternative to paying expensive human writers. I can confirm it provides professional-level results at a fraction of the cost.

Whether I need a sales page, email sequence, blog post – even full ebooks – Rytr consistently delivers. Its structured editing features give me control to refine drafts with ease.

The variety of available voices and tones is useful when crafting different pieces. I can tailor outputs based on the brand or person I’m writing for.

Overall, Rytr combines robust capabilities and strong writing quality into an AI content creator I regularly rely on for core needs. It achieves professional results.

5. BuzzSumo – Actionable Blog Ideas

While many AI writers focus on drafting full text, BuzzSumo takes a different approach. It leverages big data insights to generate smart blog post and topic ideas.

I turn to BuzzSumo when seeking inspiration or wanting data-backed suggestions around what content to create. It offers keyword research and analyzes what competing sites are publishing successfully.

The topic clusters and content gap capabilities are invaluable for identifying promising opportunities others miss. And its keyword research tools provide SEO optimization guidance.

For idea generation and strategic planning, BuzzSumo gives me an essential data-centered starting point before drafting any text. The insights help create content that genuinely stands out.

6. – Minimalist Interface, Low Cost

As the name suggests, specializes in marketing copywriting. For churning out solid sales and landing pages, value propositions, taglines, and more, it delivers.

The no-frills interface is beginner-friendly. Just enter your core prompt and content needs, tweak parameters, and generate. At only $9/month, it’s extremely budget-friendly.

While won’t rewrite text for you, its advertising copy outputs impress me given the price point. The results have a polished professionalism I can swiftly adapt as needed.

It won’t replace human copywriters entirely, but excels at turning around high-quality initial drafts to build upon. The seamless process makes it my top pick for starter copy.

7. – Quick Copy for the Bottom Funnel bills itself as powered by “conversion intelligence”, and I often use it for bottom-funnel copy needs.

I turn to when I need a direct response lead gen page or high-pressure sales letter fast. The data-driven copy hits emotional triggers that persuade and convert.

Both the core interface and advanced campaign builder make tailoring outputs for maximum impact simple. The AI seems to grasp what makes hard-hitting marketing copy effective.

While it falls short on long-form content,’s speed and conversion focus make it my go-to for results-driven copy. For that purpose, it outperforms any other tool I’ve tried.

8. Shortly AI – Impressive Writing Abilities

Like its older sibling Shortly, Shortly AI also nails the human side of content creation through its conversational approach.

The assistant engages me in lifelike back-and-forth to develop ideas and draft sections collaboratively. It asks thoughtful questions to clarify needs.

Shortly AI also displays superior writing skills. I’m amazed by how smoothly it constructs complex narratives beyond my capabilities. It unlocks creativity.

Surprisingly affordable starting at $7/month, Shortly AI packs advanced text generation that feels lightyears ahead. It’s perfect if you want more intelligent drafting collaboration.

9. Writesonic – The Speed Demon

When I need very rough drafts in mere seconds, Writesonic is my AI writer of choice. It churns out full articles incredibly fast.

I often use it to generate dozens of initial outlines or snippets when brainstorming topics. The wild speed lets me rapidly iterate on angles.

Writesonic won’t produce masterpieces. The computerized text needs heavy editing. But its breakneck pace aids discovery of promising content directions to later refine.

No other AI tool matches Writesonic’s blazing speed to transform hints into complete drafts under 20 seconds. It’s ideal for lightning-fast idea creation.

10. BlogNicheAI – Optimized Drafts for Bloggers

As the name indicates, BlogNicheAI specializes in generating blog posts optimized for SEO rankings and traffic.

I’d suggest it for any blogger wanting AI help crafting thorough posts tailored to their niche. BlogNicheAI asks probing questions to target content precisely.

The posts need editing polish. However, I find BlogNicheAI provides excellent foundations covering key aspects to successfully attract readers.

From practical tips to listicles and tutorials, it can cover blogging formats beyond standard articles too. And it delivers drafts formatted for easy scanning.

These top picks demonstrate how AI writing tools now achieve game-changing results. While still requiring human refinement, they increasingly mimic working with an expert writer minus key limitations.

If you aren’t already utilizing AI writers in your content process, now is the time. They provide that extra edge to stand out from the crowd. Let me know which tools you find most valuable!

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Please let me know if you need me to modify or expand any sections further.

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