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SiteGround Review – All You Need To Grow Your Business

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Making money online has become a new buzzword nowadays. A large number of people are now shifting towards online channels and are setting up multiple revenue streams to meet both ends.

Online stores and websites are among the most reliable ways to earn online money. However, your success is largely dependent on the hosting provider. 

The better the hosting provider is aligned with your business needs, the more you earn from your business. This is because a good hosting provider is not only responsible for offering good site load times but also deals with providing users with important plugins that automate various tasks.

So to enhance lead generation and improve the revenue of your business you should select a reliable hosting provider that can enable you to grow your business. 

SiteGround is one of the most reliable hosting providers on which you can trust. It will ensure good business performance with its 500 times faster load times, incredible WordPress performance, advanced security, and whatnot. 

Are you ready to enjoy a big boom in your sales and revenue? Let’s see how SiteGround can facilitate you in growing your business. 

What is SiteGround – A Brief Overview

SiteGround is a reliable name among hosting service providers and has been specially designed for businesses of all sizes that enables them to enhance their growth. 

By hosting your online store or website with SiteGround, you will be able to enhance your online presence, generate more leads, and focus on much bigger things. 

SiteGround provides its users with a strong back that is possible with seamless security, ultrafast speed, integration with the latest technology, and 24/7 customer support.

Interested in enhancing the speed of your website? If yes, then keep reading. 

Who Is It For?


who is siteground forNo matter whether you are working as an individual or a business enterprise, SiteGround is an amazing web host for you. 

The unique aspect of this web hosting platform is the provision of additional value in the form of free emails, free domain for the first year across all hosting plans, site migration help, and no additional charges for Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

With its premium Google Cloud infrastructure, ultra-fast speed, innovative technological integration, and incredible WordPress performance, this platform is best for

  • Both individuals and businesses of all sizes who want to enjoy the fastest speed and load time with innovative technological innovation.

On the other hand, the platform is not best for

  • Individuals and businesses who need more disk space and are looking for cost-effective options. This is because increased space is only available in cloud hosting which is an 
  • expensive plan. 

What Types of Hosting are offered?

It offers five different types of hosting services. Let’s have a look at them

Web Hosting – Best for Growth

site ground web hosting built for your success

This web hosting plan is designed keeping in view the needs of individuals and businesses who want to grow and make their website or online store successful. 

No matter whether you are running a small, medium, or large business, its ultra-fast speed, advanced security, and support from experienced individuals make it suitable for every kind of business.

Some of its outstanding features include a smooth site and email transfer, fast website building, easy domain management, reliable email services, viable e-commerce solutions, advanced security, and optimized CMS applications. 

For more details, visit SiteGround Web Hosting.

Web Hosting Pricing Overview

SiteGround offers three types of pricing plans in web hosting. 

siteground Web Hosting Pricing


This plan is perfect for starter or beginners and it is priced at $3.99 per month


This plan is designed for business who are planning to grow their business and it is priced at $6.69 per month


This plan is perfect for big businesse and it is priced at $10.69 per month.

These plans differ regarding the number of websites offered, web space, number of visits in a month, backup copies, faster PHP, staging, and private DNS.  

Some of the common features offered in these plans include free SSL, unmetered traffic, daily backups, free CDN, free email, free email migrator, e-commerce enabled, managed WordPress, unlimited database, possibility to add collaborators, 100% renewable energy match, and 30-day money back guarantee. 

WordPress Hosting – Best For WordPress Sites

siteground Best For WordPress SitesSiteGround is especially very popular due to its ultra-fast speed and well-managed WordPress hostings. Offering both static and dynamic caching ensures that all of the hosted sites have  higher speed in comparison to other sites. 

Moreover, the WordPress hosting services offered are suitable for all types of sites. The provision of free staging, auto-updates, and backups, automated migration and setup, and 24/7 expert support make these hosting services powerful yet simple to use. 

Some of the competitive features include a user-friendly interface, quick WordPress Launch along with important plugins via the WordPress Starter tool, seamless hosting, and email transfer, inclusive performance solution, and managed security and updates. 

Additionally, some other tools that can help you while managing WordPress sites are daily backups, free SSL certificates, email accounts, Dev Toolkit, and collaboration and staging tools.

Willing to get started? Visit SiteGround WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Pricing Overview

You will see similar pricing plans in this case as offered for web hosting as features required in both cases are nearly similar.

WordPress Hosting Pricing

WooCommerce Hosting

siteground WooCommerce HostingWhether you are experienced or new to WooCommerce, this hosting provider is equally suitable for you. 

Setting up a WooCommerce-enabled website is very easy and simple. This has been possible due to the pre-installed WooCommerce plugin and popular storefront theme, the capability to sell a variety of products and services and accept varying payment modes, and the presence of configurable shipping options. 

You can also enhance lead generation and sales within your business at a faster speed. This faster speed is guaranteed through free CDN, smart caching, the latest speed protocols, and the usage of SSD disks. 

To further improve your conversion rate and ensure a secure website you will get pre-installed SSL, managed updates, an anti-bot system, daily backups, custom WAF, and a safe stagging tool. 

For more information, visit SiteGround WooCommerce hosting 

WooCommerce Hosting Pricing Overview

In the case of WooCommerce, the pricing plans are again similar as the features required are nearly similar. 

WooCommerce hosting Pricing

Cloud Hosting – Best for Scalability 

Cloud hosting is perfect for those who want to scale or grow their business and want to have more disk space. 

Some of its competitive features that could support scaling your business are fully managed services, guaranteed services, easy account management, and automatic scaling. 

You can even host your WordPress sites on cloud servers as well and enjoy scaling via easy start, managed updates, staging, dynamic caching, dedicated IP, white-label reselling, collaboration tools, and much more. 

For more details visit SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Pricing Overview

You have an option to choose from four pricing plans. Every plan is designed according to the needs of users. 


It is specially designed for early starters on cloud and will cost $100 per month


It is perfect for business persons who want to enjoy optimal cloud experience and you will have to pay $200 per month to subscribe to it.

Business Plus

It is perfect for businesses that require advanced performance and it is priced at $300 per month

Super Power 

As the name indicates this plan is for those who are interested in availing of super server power and it is priced at $400 per month. 

The features in these plans are also offered to keep in view the user’s type as CPU cores, memory, and SSD space vary in the case of each user. Whereas, data transfer of 5TB is offered in the case of all plans. 

You can also configure your own cloud by adjusting the features according to your needs and specifications. 

Reseller Hosting – Best for Multiple Sites

Reseller Hosting - Best for Multiple SitesThis type of hosting service is perfect for those individuals who want to resell their hosting and are interested in managing multiple sites proficiently. 

SiteGround offers different types of reseller packages in this regard and you can pick the one that suits you. These packages include managing and building sites for your clients, managing white label-hosting services, and managing site hosting resources and user level of access. 

The features that simplify the process of managing multiple sites are a single dashboard for managing multiple sites, freedom to scale your business when needed, access to a wide range of powerful tools, and provision of expert help and guidance. 

For further details, visit SiteGround Reseller Hosting


Reseller Hosting Pricing Overview

In this case, you have three options to choose from. 

Reseller Hosting Pricing


GrowBig is perfect for those who want to design and manage sites for their clients and costs $6.99 per month.


GoGeek is designed for those who want to practice white-label reselling and you have to pay $10.69 per month to subscribe to it


Cloud is perfect for those who want to manage multiple sites and decide which tools will be accessible to which site. It will cost you $100 per month

All three plans possess all the basic features offered by SiteGround. The basic difference in these plans is the web space as the maximum webspace is offered in the case of the Cloud package. 

Moreover, the ability to handle white-label clients, and offers like private DNS, priority support, and customizing the client access are some other features that differentiate both GoGeek and Cloud Plan.

Why Consider SiteGround – Best Features of SiteGround

The most important question that might be still hovering in your mind is why I should consider SiteGround. Here is the answer to your question.


The average loading and response time play a determining role in estimating the performance of any web hosting provider. 

Assessing the performance of SiteGround with the load impact and Pingdom testing, it has revealed that the average load time of websites on SiteGround is less than 1 second and its uptime during the last 30 days is 100%.

Moreover, during the tests, no failed server requests were reported despite the fact that the number of requests was enhanced with traffic. 

The good load time and uptime of SiteGround thus indicate that you can safely rely on this hosting provider for your website and gain more traffic by building fast and responsive online stores.


SiteGround has an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. Anyone whether having an experience in managing a website or not can manage it easily. 

Signing up with SiteGround and verifying your account details were pretty easy. Once you log in you are directed to the c-panel which looks like this. 

Its c-panel is kept very simple and straightforward, therefore, managing all things is very easy. 

You can even pin the most used tools to the main screen and customize it according to your needs and preferences. 

Hence overall, its user interface is simple, functional, and easy to navigate for everyone. 

Premium Hosting Technologies

You must be wondering how SiteGround ensures a larger speed in comparison to its competitors. Then here is the answer. 

The high speed of SiteGround is attributed to its integration with premium hosting technologies. These technologies include Google Cloud, powerful caching technology, superfast PHP setup, customized My SQL setup, and incredible WordPress performance. 

Moreover, the platform continuously keeps an eye on new technological advancements and promises to integrate the relevant technologies immediately like new PHP versions, the fastest compression algorithms, and much more. 


You might be thinking about whether your data is secure with this host or not. Worry not, SiteGround gives you full coverage in this regard and prioritizes the security of its users. 

Some of its competitive features that are meant to keep your websites safe and secure are free SSL certificates, smart WAF, smart AI block systems, distributed backups across different geographical locations, and advanced security plugins in WordPress sites. 

Moreover, the in-house server monitoring system checks the server every 0.5 seconds, and system admins are also active 24/7 to avoid any problems.  

You can also boost your protection with the help of a site scanner. The site scanner is an early malware detection system that continuously checks your website for malicious software and domain blacklisting.

Customer Support

Another amazing feature of SiteGround is its proficient and friendly customer care unit. These squads are available round the clock and possess multi-level skills to answer your queries and problems. 

You can contact them either through live chats, tickets, and telephonic support. To get help you have to first log in to the client area and then select a category about which you want to ask a question. You can also identify the adequate topic for your request to get an instant response. 

However, in case you are not satisfied with their response then you can contact an expert either via chat or telephone call

On the other hand, if you choose a ticketing system to get support then you will see the following type of prompt

Additionally, various knowledge-based articles are also provided by SiteGround that contain solutions to the majority of your problems. You can easily access and read them and solve your problems by implementing the suggestions discussed in these articles. 

Thus, contacting SiteGround’s support unit is very easy and they offer numerous ways to get the required level of support and guidance and solve the encountered issues at the earliest. 


Innovative Green Data Centers

siteground data center

The data centers of SiteGround are distributed across multiple geographical locations offering an increased level of redundancy, high availability and reliability, and low latency. 

This has been possible due to a strong partnership with Google, integration of route optimization technologies, and connection with internet backbones. 

In addition to fast connectivity and high bandwidth, all of its data centers are green as they are an integral part of green Google Cloud Infrastructure. 

Is It Legit – Pros & Cons

Pros – Reasons to Consider

  • Offers incredible speed due to integration with premium technologies
  • Ensures good uptime and stability
  • Free domain name and emails
  • Free CDN network and SSL certificate
  • Advanced security features
  • 24/7 customer support
  • An integral part of Green Google Cloud Infrastructure

Cons – Reasons to Avoid

  • A good storage space is only available in Cloud hosting and it is not affordable for everyone.

Final Words 

To conclude, SiteGround offers everything one needs to set up a website or online store ranging from the fastest load time, speed, and uptime, to integration with premium technologies, advanced security features, and a wide variety of hosting services and pricing plans.

Moreover, this hosting provider will never regret you no matter what kind and number of websites you want to build and manage. 

Therefore, based on my use experience and honest review, I will strongly recommend you consider this SiteGround hosting provider as it is a reliable platform to trust. 


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