9 Tips Google Ads For beginner

Many Google auction promotion partners, Google promotion policies, methods, skills and other aspects are still in the white stage, so that advertising may not pass the audit, not display, no effect and other problems.

Based on our experience, we have summarized 10 Google advertising tips to help you better do Google advertising.

1. Read Google’s advertising policies carefully before placing Google ads

Most businesses can advertise on Google, but some businesses are not or are restricted, to give you some examples:

During the pandemic (and other internationally sensitive events), it is not allowed to use the words COVID-19 to get traffic, and it is not allowed to promote epidemic prevention supplies such as N95 masks and other personal protective equipment.

Prohibited content: counterfeit products, deceptive practices, dangerous services or products (chemicals, fireworks, etc.) and inappropriate content (bullying or coercion of individuals or groups on advertisements or web pages, racial discrimination, etc.).

Restricted content: adult content, alcohol, games and gambling, health drugs, financial services, etc.

So before doing Google advertising promotion, you need to understand the Google advertising policy, if your industry is not on the list, you can feel safe to promote.

2.keyword matching form can not be single

Google ads previously had four keyword forms, widely matched (example: men’s shoes), widely matched plus modifiers (+ men + shoes), phrase matched (” men’s shoes “), and fully matched ([men’s shoes]). After July 2021, there will only be three, and the wide match plus modifier will be replaced by phrase match.

Many businesses start out using only the form of broad matching, and its advertising trigger principle is: Similar words or contain any word in the middle of the two words, you can display ads, the benefit is that the traffic is relatively large, but the problem is also obvious, may bring some irrelevant search, because it is the condition of any one of the two words (if you set is a man’s shoes, may bring search skate users traffic). Therefore, when placing, try to comprehensively use the matching method of keywords to obtain more accurate traffic.

3. Be sure to use negative keywords

The advantage of Negative Keywords is that it can mask some irrelevant traffic in advance, improving the accuracy of traffic. If you are in charge of selling new cars, then the word “second-hand” should be added to the negative keywords in advance. Negative keywords (also known as “negative words”) are a very important keyword advertising tool that businesses must remember to use when doing Google advertising. At the same time, such as “what”, “how to” and other trivia style words should also be denied.

Google Promotion Tip: Adding negative keywords is an important Google AD optimization effort that needs to be done consistently and frequently. If your Google ads have been promoted for a while, but there are only a few negative keywords in your account, then the accuracy of your AD traffic needs to be questioned.

4. There must be at least two ads in the advertising group

In the past, when we did account checks for business customers, we found that many accounts have a problem: there is only one AD text in each AD group, so when it is placed, Google has only such a choice.

Google has a very strong ability to learn, if there are multiple ads, Google will display as many different ads as possible, and then wait for the data to enrich the focus of the performance or more relevant ads. At the same time, businesses can also see which advertisements perform well, and analysis is what important information in the advertisement accurately captures the needs of users, and the understanding of the market will be more profound. With only one AD, Google’s choice is very limited, which is bad for account performance. An AB test is always needed.

5.Advertising language must not be written casually

When a user does a search on Google, they see a variety of ads, some on the first page and some at the bottom. So what determines whether a user will click on your AD?

The quality of the slogan is an important factor. When making a slogan, relevance is the first consideration, you need to think of yourself as a consumer, think about what you want to see in the advertisement, and write it customarily. Secondly, if there is a more attractive activity or a significant advantage of the business, remember to put it in the slogan title to enhance the attraction of the advertisement, which is the so-called eyeball effect.

6. Improve the landing page user experience

The role of advertising is to drive relevant traffic to the landing page, so users will complete inquiries or purchases on the landing page, which may be the most desired conversion.

When you are in the marketing process and find that the overall number of conversions is relatively small, analyze the reasons from the two directions of advertising and landing pages. After checking that the traffic and relevance of the AD are not abnormal, you need to check whether the product/service introduction, market advantage, company qualification and user praise are clearly presented on the landing page, and whether you can convince your customers to convert.

Google promotion optimizer tips: A good user experience is conducive to improving conversion rates. At the same time, the landing page or the inquiry button on the website, contact information, also need to do more “conspicuous and convenient”, such as the mailbox address set into the form of hyperlink, the computer side can click to wake up the local mailbox client; The phone number is made into a hyperlink form, and guests on the mobile phone can dial it with one click to consult directly, rather than re-entering the phone to dial. Details determine success or failure.

7. Transformation tracking must be done

One of the obvious advantages of digital marketing over traditional media is that advertising effectiveness can be measured at any time (where effectiveness refers to conversion, such as enquiries/purchases, etc.). If you don’t do conversion tracking or don’t do it right, you can’t measure AD effectiveness. Through the setting of conversion tracking, we can know our daily inquiry volume, conversion cost, which keywords have been converted, etc. Based on these data, we can analyze and optimize advertising Settings more conveniently and targeted.

Conversion tracking is implemented through Google Tools, and the process can be simple or complex depending on the conversion model. The installation of the conversion tracking code is also a technical task. As a rule of thumb, more than half of the foreign trade stations do not have the installation conditions, and more than half of the site construction companies are installed incorrectly (yes, the site construction company even installed the Google conversion tracking code incorrectly!).

There is also a point to remind you: after the conversion tracking is set up, do not change the Settings in the Google promotion background for the time being, and wait for a period of time, such as two weeks, and then analyze the data and optimize according to the data.

8. Define the characteristics of the launching crowd

This is especially important for display ads, where search ads are user-initiated types of ads, and YouTube ads, where brand messages are delivered to users through crowd targeting. And both platforms have a huge audience: Google Display Network hosts more than 3 million websites, mobile apps, videos and blogs, and YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users. Without defining demographic characteristics, budgets can look like cannon fodder.

9. Limit your location and language

Drop location must remember to set, otherwise Google’s default drop location is worldwide (worldwide oh). When setting the place of delivery, it can not only be delivered according to the city, province and country, but also according to the radius. Similarly, the delivery language is also an important link, the delivery language here refers to the language of the client, if not defined then Google will default to all languages (all national languages oh). In general, it is recommended to first block India, the number of clicks is huge, and the effect is not proportional (personal experience only).

Want to do a good job of Google advertising promotion is not easy, the nine points of attention mentioned above are actually just the tip of the iceberg, there are many skills and methods of delivery need to accumulate experience, and constantly learn and apply to the actual combat. The above 9 points hope to help you Google promotion to take less detente, save some advertising costs, and avoid some risks.

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