How I Used Fiverr to Level Up My AI-Written Blog Content

Generating blog post ideas is the easy part. As a prolific blogger in the self-improvement space, my biggest challenge is taking those ideas and turning them into well-written, engaging articles efficiently.

That’s why AI content writing tools have become an indispensable part of my blogging toolkit. With just a few clicks, I can get original drafts created on pretty much any topic I want. It’s an incredible time saver! But the robot-generated text isn’t always polished enough for publishing.

This is where Fiverr comes in. By combining AI content creation with Fiverr’s proofreading and editing services, I’m able to maintain high quality standards while automating the most tedious parts of my content creation workflow.

In this post, I’ll share exactly how I leverage both tools to work smarter, not harder. If you’re looking to step up your blogging game, you’ll want to take notes!

How AI Writing Tools Help Me Create More Content Faster

I started experimenting with AI content writers like Jasper and a few months ago. I wish I had discovered them sooner!

In the past, I’d spend hours manually researching and drafting each blog post. It was draining, especially when writing on niche topics outside my wheelhouse. I often struggled just to produce 2-3 articles per week.

Now with the help of AI, I’m able to churn out up to 10 blog posts in the same amount of time. It’s been a total game changer!

Here’s a peek at my streamlined AI content creation workflow:

  • Ideate article topics: This involves brainstorming ideas that are relevant to my brand and audience interests. I identify search trends and gaps in my content library.
  • Input topic into AI tool: I give the AI app key prompts like focus keywords, desired length, target reader, etc.
  • Generate initial draft: Within seconds, I get back a unique blog post draft on the topic I specified. It’s like magic!
  • Review and polish: I give the AI copy a quick read-through to catch any obvious errors. I may make minor edits for clarity and flow.
  • Send to Fiverr: Next it’s off to my go-to Fiverr proofreader to work their magic and get it publication ready. More on that below!

Rinse and repeat! With this process, I’m able to feed the AI with a constant stream of fresh blog topic ideas and populate my content calendar in no time.You should ideally proofread and edit AI-generated articles, as AI-generated content has limitations and may contain errors.

The Limitations of AI Writing I’ve Noticed

As awesome as AI content generation tools are, they do still have some limitations:

  • The writing can feel generic or stilted in parts.
  • Tone and “voice” often needs refinement to match my brand’s style.
  • Grammar mistakes and awkward phrasings frequently slip through.
  • There are occasional factual errors or inconsistencies.
  • The overall structure isn’t always optimized for SEO or maximum engagement.

Now for simpler blog posts this isn’t a huge deal. But for pillar content I want to rank highly and convert readers, the AI draft needs more work.

This is where Fiverr’s human editors come to the rescue!

How Fiverr Editors & Proofreaders Turn My AI Drafts into Share-Worthy Articles

I take my AI-generated blog post drafts to the next level by having expert Fiverr freelancers review, proofread, and edit them before publishing. This is the secret sauce for premium quality!

Here are some of the value-adds Fiverr editors provide:

  • Fix grammar/spelling mistakes: My blog needs to maintain a professional image. Fiverr’s proofreaders catch all those minor AI slip-ups.
  • Refine tone and branding: The editor will polish the article to ensure my voice and brand style shine through.
  • Validate facts/stats: I can’t afford misinformation slipping through. My editor double checks everything is accurate.
  • Enhance readability: My goal is to engage readers from start to finish. Editors rework sentences and structure for maximum clarity.
  • Strengthen arguments: For convincing pillar content, my editor will ensure my points are well-supported and logical.
  • Optimize pacing: Too much rambling or info dumping risks losing reader interest. My editor condenses and focuses content.
  • Check SEO: I want my posts to rank, so my editor strengthens SEO elements like meta descriptions, headings, alt text etc.
  • Recommend visuals: I often get suggestions for images, charts or videos to enhance posts.

The proofreading and editing available on Fiverr has been invaluable. My content is now polished, compelling and professional – something I’m proud to share with my audience.

fiverr proofreading&edit

Evaluating Fiverr’s Proofreading & Editing Freelancers

Not all Fiverr proofreaders are created equal. When choosing who to entrust my precious blog posts to, I look for these indicators of quality:

  • Ratings and reviews: I check ratings and read the reviews carefully to vet the editor’s skills and professionalism. 4.8+ stars is a must!
  • Industry experience: I favor editors with demonstrated success in my niche who understand my target audience.
  • Style samples: I review their portfolio to get a sense of their previous editing work and capabilities.
  • Turnaround time: I need reliable editors who will meet tight deadlines and allow quick iterations. 12-24 hour turnarounds are ideal.
  • Communication: Responsiveness and clarity when discussing project needs are important. I avoid any red flags.
  • Pricing: I have a budget to work within. But superior editing is worth paying extra for – about $30 per 2000 words of editing seems fair.

Taking the time to find the right editor or proofreader for my brand pays off exponentially in terms of value. It takes my content to the next level.

My Results Using AI Writing + Fiverr Editing

Since implementing this AI content generation plus Fiverr editing workflow a few months back, I’ve seen fantastic results:

  • My blog traffic has increased by 30% thanks to publishing way more content.
  • Visitor retention is way up now that posts are more polished and engaging. My bounce rate decreased by 22%.
  • SEO rankings have improved for both new and old content now professionally edited.
  • I’ve been able to establish myself as an industry thought leader by quadrupling my content output.
  • My email list has grown by 15% from the lead generation my blog content now drives.
  • Best of all, I’m spending 75% less time manually writing posts thanks to AI. This efficiency boost is priceless.

So in summary – lean on AI writing tools to automate creating content at scale, but always combine with professional human editing to guarantee posts are high quality and compelling. This is today’s winning formula for effective blogging. Both technology and talent are essential!

I hope my tips help you take your blogging results to the next level. As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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